Wednesday, 1 August 2007

Flying Chick mountain bike style

Hi, fellow mountain bike riders. Some of my MTB friends have created a blog and I think it's a great way to share our thoughts and experiences of this fantastic sport. Especially being a woman in a mans world. I've been mountain biking for six years, I've always had a bike though. Whether you're a hardened downhiller or a cross country addict there's always an adventure around the next corner.

My first love I guess is my orange 5 full susser, I've changed the forks to Marzocchi all mountain giving me six inches of travel so I can easily do downhill and xc on the same bike. Second love is my Kona Stab (big boy) Marzocchi 888 giving me 8" travel, I can nail stuff on that bike a woman just isn't really supposed to do. I've also got a Specialised Stumpy full suss, it's light and I only use it for xc. Let's not forget my hardtail, Merlin with v brakes, well you've got to start somewhere and I still like to ride it, makes me stay out of the saddle and to pick a good line.

Anyway I'll post a few pics of our our clubs adventures soon, ( includes a recent trip to Morzine and Les Gets, our clubs 5th year in the French Alps, Awesome!!

Great to be a part of the magic for all these years.