Monday, 1 October 2007

Advanced Mountain Bike Instruction (Picture is Flying Chick)

Rivington, Lancashire, is my favourite place to practice my skills, I've been riding here for six years.

There are lots of areas where you can practice the skills you'll need for fast downhill descents. I think the hardest skill for women is getting that front wheel lifted off the ground.

There is an advanced skills course you may like to consider participating in before you consider taking up downhill. The course is at Rivington, Nr Bolton, Lancashire.
The advanced course is run by local fitness expert and qualified mountain bike instructor Mike Stafford. The aim of the course is to develop existing skills and introduced more advanced ones. You'll learn, fast drop offs at speed, steep technical descents and faster cornering techniques to name but a few. The course runs for one day and is the best instruction you'll need to help you on your way to achieving that magic buzz of a feeling, that makes you feel like you're really alive. Ray Mazey is the owner of the business and also runs beginner and intermediate courses. The intermediate course is also challenging and you'll learn a lot of technical and valuable techniques. Check out their website you'll need to contact them for the advanced dates available. One to one instruction also available.
(photo by Mark Foster) Also ask about Ladies Mountain Bike Instruction