Wednesday, 28 May 2008


The Flying Chick's at Fort William, bank holiday weekend 23- 26 May 08.

Picture right is Panther flying off the log drop.

Three of the Chick's rode the world cup downhill track. Panther, Bombshell, Flying Chick and five Groovy Rocket's plus one incredible 10 year old Groovy Rocket, Flying Jack.

The world cup downhill track was very dry at the weekend, it hasn't rained in Fort William for 3 weeks, so it was like riding on marbles as the gravel was bone dry on the steep descents so the bikes could easily go out of control on the the gravel berms, and they did. Some of us including myself had a few offs and a few of us suffered mighty over the bars offs but unlike last year none of us ended up in hospital. While the south of the UK suffered with rain and strong winds, most of Scotland and the Highlands including Fort William, Nevis Range were enjoying beautiful blue skies and lovely sunshine.

Picture Below is the gondola uplift picture from Nevis Range website, we hook the bikes on the side of the gondola. Pic below is the magnificent view of Nevis Range and the downhill course.

Picture right is Flying Chick
Flying off the log drop.
When you jump the log drop you can't see the landing so it's very hard to judge what speed you need on the approach. Too much speed and you crash on the hill, too little and you nose dive over the bars.

Above left is Bombshell on the top section of the course.
Above is Flying Chick and Bombshell on the Slab, very slippery on this section.

Pic above is Panther flying off the rock drop finish of the downhill track.

Above is Flying Chick on approach to the log drop.
Panther racing towards the log drop on the bottom section of the course

Picture above is Bombshell. Pic: right is Flying Chick on the rock garden descent.

What a fantastic weekend. Let's hope the track gets a little bit of rain to settle the dust for the World Cup Championship next month. Good luck to our British team!!

Thanks to Dave Halton and Will James for the great pictures.

More picture of our Fort William weekend at