Thursday, 6 November 2008

Wear the right kit for a tough sport..or else

Hey Girls ! Want to stay pretty ??

There is no doubt in my mind that wearing the right protection for downhilling can not only save your smile, it can also save your life.

The cost of the right gear can sometimes put people off and a good Troy Lee Designs downhill helmet alone can set you back £200 - £300 +. However, you can get an excellent 661 full face for around £60 -£70. Flying Chick, pictured right wears a 661 motor cross helmet, for downhill only, @ £170. After you've protected your head and face be sure to invest in a full upper body protection suit. You'll wear this usually only for downhill, but most of the time even for cross country the Groovy Tribe club ladies wear knee/shin pads and elbow pads on most rides. Check out Gear bikes of Glasgow for a great range or

Picture above is Toothless Mag's, who is a member of the Scottish Women's Downhill club, I'm glad to say her smile has now been fixed. You can see what else they get up to if you visit

Pictured above is a typical upper body protection suit, go for one with full spine armour. Picture above in crash mode is our Groovy Rocket Rick, showing us how you can lose your teeth in style. Seriously though get the right gear and stay safe on the trails. Let's be careful out there!