Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Mega Avalanche Race Alpe d Huez

This would be a good one for Graham Bell and Ed Leigh for the new series of High Altitude later this year. The 3,300 m high altitude peak of Pic Blanc is the perfect location for crazy mountain bikers looking for the ultimate mountain bike downhill rush. Myself and a few other mad mountain biker friends would be up for it to. However you do have to qualify for the Mega Avalanche race along with 200 other riders per race.

We had just got to the end of our Easter Skiing holiday in Alpe d Huez, loads of snow, it was still snowing when we left, however, It would seem that the French MTBer's have an unfair advantage in preparation for the July event because in April they get to practice for this huge downhill annual event held in Alpe d Huez every July called the Mega Avalanche. We had just got to the last day of our Easter Skiing holiday there was still loads of snow and it was still snowing when we left on Saturday. We did notice a few mountain biker downhillers taking part in a similar event to the Mega Avalanche but this was held on 18 April. The Mega Avalanche (as pictured) is limited to 400 entrants. Starting at Pic Blanc, riders line up in rows of 24 with a total of 17 rows and 406 riders meaning total mayhem kicks in once the starting whistle is blown. Many riders fall at the outset, slipping and sliding their way down the first steep 400 metres of descent. Those that make it first onto the snow free fast descending single track are the ones most likely to win. So the Flying Chick's will see you there for the race in July Graham and Ed ?