Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Flying Chick Rides Snow Covered Spooky Wood

When we arrived at the Hydro Hotel in Peebles we would not have guessed that the middle MTB trails (red route) would still be a whiteout, icy and treacherous in places.

Hard to believe it's the middle of March and Spooky Wood is still snow covered. We met a local lad at the top of the trail and he said it's the first weekend in weeks that the trails had been rideable.
Our bikes were all over the place and I dabbed on every corner as my front wheel got stuck in the frozen ruts. I know I should know better, but it was fantastic fun and a real challenge to get down safely as some areas are too steep to walk down in the snow anyway.

As always I can't wait for my next trip there.
The Tribe MTB club are back at Innerleithern in June.