Monday, 21 February 2011

Flying Chick's ride Rivington 19 Feb 2011

Fantastic ride on Saturday, but as we'd expected it was pretty muddy and wet.

I love out local area Rivington so much that I often wonder sometimes why we load our bikes in our cars and drive for hours to favourite places like Ladybower or Keswick, when we have our very own fantastic MTB trails just a few minutes ride away for most of us. I find I'm more tired from driving 4 hours round trip than I would have if I'd been doing a 5 hour bike ride. I'd rather spend more time riding than driving any day. There are so many trails especially over the West Pennine Moors around Brinscall area.

Pic Top Left: Time to clean the dirt splatters from our cycling glasses and shake the mud from our hair.

Pic bottom left: Rocky descent via the woods from the Pike Road.

Pictures by Mark Foster