Saturday, 26 May 2012

Flying Chick's son invents a new bike ride in his garden

When my son explained to me this weekend what he planned to do with his old bike, front wheel, forks and handle bars, I was concerned like any mum, he will never stop, but he attatched a rope harness to the handle bars and a second rope shorter than the main rope that acts as a brake and is also used to pull the wheel frame back up to the treehouse. (He built a massive 4 storey tree house) On the top picture here you can see how the ride stops completely.  My son is an inventer, and at age 14 he completely striped his BMX and rebuilt it to his own specification.  I asked him if he would like to become a mechanical engineer when he's grown up but he said he wanted to be an entrepreneur.  20p per ride to his school friends.

This blog post is publish 27 May 2012 making this invention copyright  from commercial gain