Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Dalby Forest, More Than Just XC.

We arrived at Dalby early on Saturday morning. If you get there before 8.30am there is no one sat in the little hut ready to take your money, it's a steep £7 per car so it's worth it just to park for free. (I'm not tight, I just think it's too much, It should be £3 max and I think it puts people off visiting Dalby) It was really cold and frosty when we arrived but the sunshine made up for the -1 temperature. We decided to do the red route, 23miles + and starts at the visitors centre. At the beginning it seems really easy with gentle climbs, and easy descents. However, it did get harder and I ended up eating my words. "This is easy" Yeah right!
After a few miles we came to Dixon's Hollow (pictured) where there are jumps and north shore logs to play on. Half way around the route it began to sleet, then snow, the sunshine had disappeared and we were starting to get very cold, especially on some of the more exposed areas. By the time we'd finished the red route we were absolutely freezing cold and wet, it's a long time since I'd been that cold and I couldn't feel my fingers and toes. I was glad to sit in the car to thaw out with the heater on full blast.
I'd like to go back next spring or summer. If you're planning a trip there, it's worth staying for the weekend as you can hire an inexpensive log cabin and stay in the forest with beer and a barbecue to look forward to after the ride. Now that's more like it........