Thursday, 31 January 2008


If the BBC would just give mountain biking and other sports the same coverage (in my perfect world)
Thumbs up to the new re-vamped Ski Sunday. I've been finding myself glued to my TV set (Sunday's at 7pm BBC 2) wishing I could swap jobs with Graham Bell or at least be his co-presenter. Someone at the beeb has finally made Ski Sunday something good and not just a round up of the recent happenings in racing. Also great that they are putting skiing and boarding on the same level and giving both equal amount of coverage.

Pic: Girls on Skis Left is Groovy Chick Kaz in Vancouver.
Myself and a few club members are planning a trip back out to the Alps, possibly in April.
Also Whistler mountain bike trip is planned in August.
Four club members have emigrated after visiting
Vancouver, I guess it's the most perfect place for our sports. Phatboyian is emigrating there in a few weeks. Good luck mate!! Wishing you tons of success in your new job from all of the Flying Chicks. We'll miss the laughs.