Wednesday, 6 February 2008

February DH Weekend, Cwncarn, South Wales.

Cwncarn, Nr Newport, Downhill Weekend. 1 -3 Feb. 2008
It was a good turn out with a mixed group of 12. We stayed in 3 lovely cottages situated about 15 minutes drive from Cwncarn. Really inexpensive at just £15 ish each per night.

Once again the weather proved to be in our favour, Friday was sunny, Saturday and Sunday cold, but stayed dry. We set off knowing of severe weather warnings for most of the UK, but we were glad we'd headed south as most of the north of England and Scotland had heavy snow and windy conditions with lorries blown over North of the M6, Cumbria area.
Cwncarn Downhill Course:
The road jump is a lot steeper than it looks. See picture of Groovy Rocket Jez, on Hamish's website below.

Top pic: left by Dave Halton Rest of pictures: By Hamish McMurray & partner

The downhill course is man made and can be ridded by less experienced riders, whilst offering something exciting and challenging to even the top elite riders. The course is split into two runs at the top, the red and the black which both merge about a third of the way down the hill. The red run is the easier of the two.

The whole course is rollable, however there are some really big jumps but you can easily go around them if you want to. However, if you like to fly, then you're in for a real treat.

Pictures below: Panther and Flying Chick, loading our bikes on the uplift trailer.

Uplift cost is £25 per day, you can book at
More pictures of our weekend on this link below. Including Groovy Rocket Jez, 30mph crash of the weekend.