Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Flying Chick's & Groovy Rockets at Glentress & Innerleithen

May 25 Bank Holiday weekend was a fantastic success.

The Flying Chick's teamed up with the Groovy Rocket's yet again at Glentress and Innerleithen, Scotland for a fantastic biking weekend. Most of us stayed at Peebles Hydro, at £49 rate exclusively for MTB'ers it's a great bargain.

The weather was hot and trails were bone dry. We took our XC bikes as well as our DH bikes and we rode the red at Glentress on Saturday, On Sunday we rode the downhill trails at Innerleithen, The steep descents were bone dry, if you have ever ridden the Gold Run and Cresta Run you'll know that they give the word "steep" a new meaning but because they were dry I got fantastic grip with my 2.7 downhill fat tyres and rode them with confidence and pleasure, with no offs whatsoever. We usually ride these trails when they are wet and its usually like riding on glass, slipping on tree roots for most of the descents. We all had the biggest grins at the end of the day. Except for one poor lad, not in our group. He over shot the gap jump (know also as the coffin jump) and landed very badly and broke his collar bone. Our Groovy Rocket, H phoned for an ambulance and it arrived within 20 minutes. It just brings home to us just how dangerous our sport is. But we love it!! Pic is Butterfly at Glentress freeride park.