Wednesday, 1 July 2009

MTB Downhill National Championships July 2009

Don't miss the National Downhill and XC Championships at Innerleithen, Scotland 18th - 19th July 09.

The downhill is the number one event in the UK domestic calender and is taking place on the ledgendary downhill course at Innerleithen. With a race arena, trade stands and some of the UK's and the World's best riders including our current World Cup Champion, Tracey Moseley.

Pictured is me, Flying Chick but if the pro's were racing the same course they would jump right over the top of me. I wouldn't see them for dust.

Don't forget the Groovy Tribe MTB Club are at Innerleithen September11-13, book the uplift early for Sunday or you just might miss the bus.